Thursday, May 20, 2004

Thursday Update

Well, right now I am in the eye of the storm, as far as knitting projects are concerned. I am patiently waiting for my shipment to arrive from Patternworks so I can get started on one of the two shawls I need to have completed before the wedding. Originally, I was very optimistic and believed that there was no way on God's green Earth that Mike and I could get the reception place we wanted for the end of this year and I was sort of banking on that so I would have lots of time to complete the shawls. Ohhhh contraire, my friends. Turns out that our 1st choice actually has dates available. Guess I have to work quickly, right?

I've decided to put pretty much everything that had been in my WIP/UFO's list completely on hold so that way I can concentrate on the important pieces so that way they are done in time. The only problem I run into now is that I do not yet have the pattern or yarn in my possession, so I can't do any work on those shawls. The truth of the matter is that I wasn't planning on doing any knitting until I got those materials, but that's like telling a thirsty man in the desert not to drink the glass of water you are leaving out for the desert creatures. You know what I mean? I've decided to make a REALLY simple shawl. One that I don't even have to think about with basic increases and a garter stitch body, so I will have something to work on when I don't feel like thinking. I might actually mix it up a bit and do a trinity stitch shawl because I saw one on a tiny old lady at the grocery store yesterday who had a bright green one on and I fell in love with it. *sigh*

I'm such a shawl addict.

In other, non-knitting news, I've taken a liking to yoga (!!!) and I really feel as though it has helped me elongate and strengthen my body already. Initally, I was going to go the Bikram yoga route, but I have an aversion to heat. Its okay though. I've found that the Asana style of yoga fits me quite nicely and maybe I'll retry Bikram some other time.

I've also been inspired by spring (although in Jersey -- can you really call this spring?) and potted a couple trays of marigolds over the week. I also picked up a few new houseplants, as well as some tiger lily seeds, so pretty soon, there will be even more foliage in my house than there is now. If you are ever a guest in my house, and you encounter this or this, don't be alarmed. I really am starting to run out of places to keep plants and those pictures from this site opened up worlds of ideas for me.

Anyway, its about 4:30 and I still need to get ready for tonight's SnB. I'm pretty excited. :)


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