Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Weekend Update, on a Tuesday.

A lot went on over the weekend, and although all of it isn't knitting related, I'm going to write about it here. I mean, this is a knitting blog, however its about my life too, since my life does not solely revolve around knitting. I'm so NOT a one dimensional person! The one thing this entry is going to lack is links. The reason? I'm working on a laptop, and the less I have to go from window to window, the better!

Remember the green cardie that I talked about frogging my progess on last Wednesday or Thursday? Well, as Kate pointed out at the knit-together, I didn't frog it. I just couldn't stand to frog it until I had version two started. Sure, I had about three rows of version two started on Thursday, but I didn't really do any work on the project until Saturday night. Between Saturday night and Monday evening, I managed to knock out six inches of the back. *sigh* But, leave it to me, I don't actually like the way the seed stitch border looks with the body pattern. Figures, right? I started it, yet again, and this time I'm using K2P2 ribbing that will flow quite nicely into the pattern stitch of the body. I don't plan on frogging it this time around. And, the more that I do work on this sweater (all in all, with the amount of time I have spent working up the stitches, I would have completed about half of the project if I didn't keep frogging it), the more I realize that I am actually almost following one of the patterns that inspired me to knit this project to a T (The Oscar de la Renta "Dream Weaver" from Vogue Knitting Winter 2003/2004). So, this time around, I am actually going to just follow the pattern in the magazine for the back and sleeves, and then just modify the front and the turtleneck for a cardigan. The pattern that I wrote up for myself using the stitch pattern used in the Dream Weaver and the style that was featured on a Victoria's Secret Sweater and a Debbie Bliss Aran Tweed Sweater as inspiration on the form almost exactly mimics the Dream Weaver pattern as far as shaping goes -- which is the bulk of any pre-written pattern in my opinion. I don't know if that fact is a sign that I should have just used the pre-written pattern from the magazine from the beginning, or if my pattern writing skills are so freakin' awesome that they are comparable to pre-written patterns that are featured in magazines like Vogue Knitting. Interesting, huh? Anyway, I started casting on for this cardigan for the third time last night and just gave up because I was too tired. I plan on starting it (again) sometime today.

I also just realized that I have to have some things finished within the next two weeks, so I plan on actually knitting double time at this week's knit-together. Hopefully, I won't accidentally poke someone with a needle in the process. Mike has witnessed my double time knitting in person and has made fun of the faces I make and the fact that I kind of look like I'm beating someone up. He claims that it looks like I am in pain when I knit this way. Perhaps it will give everyone there a laugh.

I keep eyeballing the sale at webs, too, which is really, REALLY bad. I don't need any more yarn. Really. I'd love to have more yarn, but I just don't need it. I ran out of room to store yarn a LONG time ago, and part of this weekend was spent coming up with logical solutions to the dilemma that rings out loud and clear in this house. Although, it would be really nice to be able to grope alpaca. Oh well.

Oh, here's something sort of funny. Last night, after I decided that I was too tired to cast on 126 sts for the third time, I began playing around with some of my acrylic yarn and started making a sock. I have feet that could freeze hell and I am always wearing these insanely made socks OVER my regular socks when I am at home. After staring at these socks for about five minutes last night, I realized that IF these socks were actually knit by hand (they are clearly machine knitted, but whatever) they would have been knit on straight needles, starting at the top front, working their way down to the toe -- not using any decreases for shaping but by using smaller needles, then working their way back on the sole of the foot to the heel where shaping takes place by using smaller needles, and then would be knit straight back up to the top of the sock. Then, the piece would be seamed up both sides and a sock would be born. I'm testing out my theory now, and if my theory is correct, then everyone is getting a pair of these foot warming socks for Christmas. End of story.

The rest of this entry generally does not have anything to do with knitting, so if you aren't interested in anything that goes on in my life outside of what I have on needles, then you can stop reading here. Its okay. I don't mind if you stop reading. I take no offense by either action you take. :)

I mentioned earlier in this entry that there is an ongoing dilemma that takes place in my house. It came to a head over the weekend. Both Mike and I have these hobbies that we love doing. And, in order to have these hobbies, we have to collect things that compliment our hobbies so we can continue doing them. In my case, its knitting and yarn and needles and fashion magazines and shoes and coats and accessories. In Mike's case, its DVDs and games and action figures and most recently, gameboy advances. All of these things take up space, and its REALLY starting to show. Yarn turns up in every nook and cranny. Fashion magazines and loose leaf pages with notes and ideas are creeping out between the side of the couch and the side of the media shelves that contain SOME of Mike's DVDs. There are DVDs hanging out in front of the TV, and on the kitchen counter. There are handbags sitting next to the staircase in the foyer. There is a double doored closet in the second bedroom that is filled from the floor almost to the ceiling with action figures. The big closet in the master bedroom is exploding with clothes I want to keep "just in case" I'm ever a size 0 again, and shoes. Ideally, Mike and I would LOVE to have our house look like, oh, say, my parent's house for example. You walk in to it, and its like walking into a museum. Everything is perfectly in its place, and not only that -- but you could even perform surgery in the deepest, darkest corner of the house because there is no clutter anywhere. Unfortuantely, Mike and I are realistic people. We know that our home could never be like my parent's home. The reason is because we have hobbies, and my parents really don't. I confirmed this theory this morning when I asked my dad what his hobby is and Pat's hobby is, and he couldn't come up with an answer. People who don't have hobbies don't keep things that clutter up their homes. And, if the hobby is something artistically related, then all bets are off. There is a reason why artistic people don't have the most clutter free homes.

(enter a dreamlike state here)
In the next house, we plan on building the place from scratch and equipping it with a room devoted to entertainment/electronics so that our living room doesn't have to be graced with a wide flat screen tv, and 6 point surround sound and so that our "loft/library" doesn't have to be graced with a computer that ALSO has 6 point surround sound. We also want to build a room devoted to our hobbies -- sort of like a craft room, where I can keep all of my knitting and craft paraphernalia and with room to actually practice these crafts (and where Mike can keep all of his action figures and whatnot) so those things don't creep out to the rest of the house. We also are planning to have recessed shelving built into several of the rooms also.
(end the dreamlike state)

Well, we aren't in the next house. In fact, we don't plan to be for at least a few years because we don't want to settle on a location or on the floorplans of the house. Right now, we are in a townhouse that doesn't have an entertainment room, a craft room, or recessed shelving. We are actually right smack next to a gaggle of english blokes who enjoy revving the engines to their ATV's on Sunday mornings at 10 AM. We are confined to the space that the builder has given us (thank god we bought new construction) and cannot put additions onto our unit. We just are not utilizing this space the way we should be, and this weekend, we decided to put an end to that. I mean, I really can't complain too much. The place is HUGE, has cathedral ceilings in both the living room and the master bedroom, has two full baths and one half bath, has a kitchen that is not only big but functional, and has a fireplace, a deck, and an attached two car garage. So, its sort of wrong to want more. Especially when so many people have so much less. So, here I sit, mapping out ways to store things differently (everything from spare silverware to clothes that I am keeping for sentimental value only to the buttload of magazines from the 20+ magazine subscriptions that we get). Wish me luck!

The other thing that came to a head was my issue with weight. Now, by no means would I consider myself a woman of size at this current time. But, I'm not the size 0 that I once used to be. Psychologically, this has had an adverse effect on me. Especially because I understand now that there is no way on God's green earth that I will *ever* -- or should have ever been -- a size 0. So, of course, about once a month, I have what Mike likes to refer to as a "fashion crisis". During a fashion crisis, I somehow find ways to try on practically every article of clothing that is in my wardrobe only to discover that nothing fits! All this just to run out to get breakfast! Well, Mike and I uncovered the catalyst of this "I don't have anything to wear" statement. In my generously sized walk in closet, more than 75% of the articles of clothing that were in there were in the size 1 to 3 range. More than 10% of the remaining articles of clothing are 1 to 2 sizes smaller than the size I wear now. That leaves roughly 5% of the clothing I own in a size that fits me -- which makes sence really. Those are the clothes that I have purchased recently! We are working on getting rid of all the "bad" clothes, and now my closet looks barren and sad. :(

On a side note to this story, as we were going through all my teeny tiny clothes, I started flip flopping back to "well, I think I *should* keep this for when I am small again," although I knew full well I would never be that small again. Of course, this lead not to a fashion crisis, but an "OH MY GOD I'm SO FAT" crisis that included statements such as "I *need* to be smaller for when we get married!" and "my hair is too short". Yeah. Don't ask how the hair ended up being part of this, but it was. Mike probably thought this was hysterical, and began saying things like, "Well, give me a timeframe for when you will be comfortable with your weight, etc" so that way he knows when we will be able to get engaged. Yeah. That stopped me right in my tracks too. I said, with a stern amount of confidence, that I would be ready in July. Hello? Am I smoking crack? Needless to say, I have to stick with the July deadline now, so I really have to get crackin' on losing some of my extra baggage.

If only I could find a way to knit while I was on the elliptical runner....


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