Thursday, April 22, 2004

Thursday Update.

Its SnB night, and of course, I don't know what to bring with me. I had been bringing along the baby blanket for a while now, but that's done... I *should* bring the other baby blanket I'm working on, but I don't wanna work on that right now... I *could* bring the prayer shawl I'm making, but wouldn't that defeat the whole purpose of the prayer shawl? Like, aren't you supposed to pray with every stitch... or something like that? I'm not too sure gabbing about peanut butter silk pie counts as praying. I *could* work on the Felineal Angel blanket, but I haven't even graphed out what I'm going to do yet, so that would just be assinine. There's that baby sweater that I haven't started yet. There's also MY sweater (gee, I really SHOULD update those pictures), but I'd prefer not to work on that amongst a group of people. There's that mindless poncho that has been sitting on needles for a few months now. Hmmmm... Decisions, decisions. I *could* just bring my cone of cotton and make little washcloths for myself. Or, I *could* start the shawl for my stepsister, Steph, but she didn't decide on a color and I could never finish it in time to give it to her tomorrow anyway. Maybe I'll just bring everything I can fit into my super-sized bag and go from there.

Oh, and if I show up wearing flip flops, someone needs to smack me. I've got no business wearing these things because I'm a dangerous enough walker as it is wearing sneakers. Wearing flip flops, I'm bound to injure large groups of people -- not just myself.

So anyway, on a non-knitting note, I've decided that I will boycott the entire month of April for now on. Seriously. At this point, I'm just glad that they say bad things come in threes. I've already got my three... Time to move on.


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