Monday, April 19, 2004


Okay, I'm still using the dreaded laptop, so again, there will be NO LINKS to pictures in this entry. I really need to start using the PC to update this blog because these entries are really just way to boring now.

The Gift Package is not only completed, but has already been given as a gift! So, since the recipient already received it, I can talk about it here, FINALLY. The blanket came out beautifully, and I received so many compliments on it from the shower guests. Everyone wanted to know how long I worked on it. Forty plus hours. Not including the time I took when I frogged the entire (completed) backside of the piece and reknit it, done over the course of three days (Wednesday thru Saturday), and re-completed just in time for the shower on Sunday. The blanket is cushy, beautiful, warm, thick, and the perfect weight for baby Lauren to use in the autumn/winter months, as well as for her to use as a cushy "mat" for her to lay on the floor with when she is playing. I am really excited about it and although I took about 20 pictures of the finished product, I don't have any online yet.

I also had two of my tattoos put up on the KniTattoos site (see sidebar for link), so I'm pretty excited about that. I realize that I was VERY late in submitting pictures to that, but better late than never, I say. I also put up a few more pictures of some of my tattoos on my Yahoo Photos Page (see sidebar for link) because I figured that Yahoo Photos was a good place to store pictures that I didn't want to lose. Imagine that!

Over the weekend, Mike and I did tons of good deeds. First, on Friday, we donated three stuffed garbage bags full of clothes (and shoes) to goodwill. We have tons more to donate, but those things weren't in garbage bags yet, so by the time we are done donating our clothes, we will have given them roughly 20 bags of clothing. Cool, right? Then, on Saturday, as we were leaving Wal-mart to return this horrible baby gate that we bought, I noticed that there was a huge package of diapers left laying the parking lot, so I put those aside so the person who dropped the bags could find them. Diapers are expensive, and that would have been a crappy waste of money! (No pun intended). People had been looking at the bags and walking past, and stepping over, and DRIVING AROUND the bags but weren't doing anything about it. Idiots. Saturday night, as we were on the last leg of running our errands and were pulling out of the gas station around 8:15 PM, we noticed that there was this little old lady with a desperate look on her face, standing next to an old (1979 Honda Accord) car with the hood up. She was blocking the entrance to the gas station/Quik Check combo and people were passing her by without giving her a second glance. Mind you, this was at a major intersection. Mike and I pulled off to the side and assisted her with her car. Eventually, two other older men tried helping too, but ended up leaving shortly after. We stayed with Bea while she called AAA on Mike's cell phone and we waited with her for about 35-45 minutes after she called. She was so grateful that we, two youngsters, took the time out of our lives to help her out that she insisted on buying us coffee. Bea introduced my newfound obsession with Smores Coffee from Quik Check, where all cup sizes are 99 cents -- so it pays to get a gallon of coffee at a time! We made sure that the people who were working knew that Bea was expecting AAA to arrive and we made sure she was OK before we left. I took down her name and number so I could call and check on her today to make sure everything turned out alright. Mike and I drove home, dropped stuff off, and then drove back to check to see if Bea was still waiting there. It took all of fifteen to twenty minutes for us to do that, and when we went back, both Bea and her trusty '79 Accord were no longer there. AAA must have been hot on our heels as we were pulling out of the parking lot. I plan on making Bea a scarf to match her seafoam green outfit that she was wearing just to show her that people do care. Then, Sunday happened, and although the baby shower does not qualify as a good deed, I did get to feel the baby kicking, so that made my day.

Well, happy knitting to everyone and I'll be adding a project or two to the WIPs list shortly.


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