Thursday, April 01, 2004

Back to my old ways.

Remember the post a few days ago about how I knit a sweater just to finish something? I frogged it! And, now I'm knitting it over again. Somehow, I've found great comfort in this -- I didn't turn into an end product knitter overnight!

Speaking of frogging things, I think that I want to frog the green cardie that I had been working on. Somewhere along the line (perhaps between The O'Reilly Factor and South Park), I goofed on a row or two. And yes, its noticeable. The cable crosses look more like they are dancing than crossing. Its rather cute, but it just wasn't what I was going for. I also think I would like to work this sweater in a more seamless manner. Why in the world did I believe that it would be a good idea to attach the wide hem of the sweater LATER, rather than begin with the hem and work it up from there? Or, perhaps I could have started from the collar and worked my way down. But, no. I practically started from the middle. Okay, it was three inches from the bottom. But still. Do I knit pieces the way I paint rooms -- from the middle out? Let's hope not. "Everyone" knows its better if you start from the top (or bottom, or corner).

The big question now is should I or shouldn't I? Such dilemmas I run into.


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