Thursday, March 11, 2004

Welcome to a picture packed entry.

Anyone who reads this knows that this has been long overdue, and frankly, I was getting tired of looking at my picture-less blog. These pictures aren't really the greatest -- I took them using one of those Logitech eyeball-like web cams. But they are still pictures none the less! And I'm really sorry that I am a co-star in these pictures, but it was the best I could do.

The Cat's Paw Lace Shawl
Source: knitting/Cats_Paw_Lace_Shawl.pdf
Materials: Size US 8(?) needles, mill ends of acrylic nubby multi-color flecked sage yarn
Notes: The pattern, as written is inaccurate. If you are going to follow it, be sure to use your head and don't rely too much on the written instructions about 3/4 of the way through.

Cat's Paw Lace Shawl - Sage (4)Cats Paw Lace Shawl - Sage (1)
Cats Paw Lace Shawl - Sage (2) Cats Paw Lace Shawl - Sage (3)

My (Bad) Replica of the JS Shawl using a Turkish Stitch Pattern
Materials: Size US 17 Circulars; 2 Skeins Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick and Quick in Fishermann
Notes: This was by far the fastest knit pattern I have ever followed.

Turkish Stitch JS Replica Shawl (1)Turkish Stitch JS Replica Shawl (2)
Turkish Stitch JS Replica Shawl (3)

The Valentine's Day Wrap
Materials Used: Vintage White, Antique Rose, Baby Pink and Off White Acrylic Yarns on Size US 10 Needles, as well as two dozen glass rose and antique white colored beads that didn't show up very well in any pictures.
Notes: I *love* this particular pattern and I try to use it for everything. As it is written, the pattern knits up to about 30 inches wide, and you stop knitting whenever you feel as though you have enough length. This wrap measures 32" by 92".

Valentines Day Wrap (1)Valentines Day Wrap (2)
Valentines Day Wrap (3)



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