Monday, March 15, 2004

Post-Weekend Update

I got off to a bad start on Friday. I happily decided that I would start one of the gift projects that I need to finish soon and discovered that I lost (gasp) the chart I made for the project. I pouted and stomped around the house looking through pretty much everything trying to locate the missing graph paper, but I caved in and made a new one instead. I actually like the new one better than the first one. Maybe the first was one was just too ashamed to be found because it knew it sucked. Or, maybe I subconsciously knew it sucked and threw it out. Or, maybe its just folded and tucked into a page of one of my knitting books and I didn't see it. We will never know. I'm really excited about finishing it though because it just means that I will be able to post pictures of it. Yay! (Or, Boo!, if you don't like my pictures.) :)

In other news, I learned to crochet at last week's SnB. I will admit right here that I couldn't crochet to save my life until Sunday. Now, I'm happily crocheting along (I'm already on row three!) and making one of those JS Shawls in purple. Seriously, though. I don't care if its a trendy, hip thing. You know what I have to say to that? GOOD! That means I won't be the only freak of nature walking around with wraps and shawls on. Can we get an "amen"? Amen.

I also started another one of those Turkish Stitch Shawls, but this time it is in Red (Red Heart TLC in Claret), on Size US 11's, and uses a single strand of yarn. This is probably one of the quickest knitting patterns EVER. I started this on Friday, put it down until Sunday, and I should be done with it by Wednesday since I'm going to be working on gift items for the majority of my time.

"Majority of my time". I feel as though I need to clarify that statement. It should read, "majority of my KNITTING time". Yes, it is true I don't work (I like to refer to myself as a S.M.I.T. -- soccer mom in training), but that doesn't mean that I don't have responsibilities and it certainly does not mean that I sit at home and knit all day long. I *wish* that's what I did, but it isn't. And in all honesty, if that is what I did, then I would lead a very sad, boring life. Generally, I get no more than an hour of knitting done during the day, unless someone has requested that I make something for them by the end of the day (I'm looking at you Anne, re: The Hat). In the grand scheme of things, I do far more housework, cooking, baking and organizing than I do anything crafty. So during the day, I get about just as much time to knit as someone who knits during the day only on their lunch break. At night during the week, I generally pick up my knitting again after dinner while we watch TV, or while Mike plays a video game. If its a REALLY GOOD show (i.e. The Sopranos, or Curb Your Enthusiasm), then I don't even THINK about knitting. And if I'm playing the video game with Mike, then its pretty much impossible to knit. If I knit without interruption on week nights, I generally can knit for about two and a half to three hours. And, on the weekends, I knit for a couple of hours here and there unless we are out somewhere. So, to sum it up, being a S.M.I.T. doesn't automatically give me the go ahead to do nothing but crafty things all day long, so don't go assuming things. :)

I haven't touched the Liv/Kyoto sweater since the last time I blogged about touching it. Ideally, I would like this thing to be done by May, but I can't guarantee that.

I should have finished one of the package gifts either the last time I blogged about working on it, but I didn't. I lost most of my inspiration, and I am very slowly regaining it back. I haven't heard from one of the recipients in, like, two weeks, and while I was completely touched (and therefore inspired) by what she had last written to me, I feel less inclined to bust my ass to complete the package now because of that. Also, while we are on the topic of people who EXPECT to recieve gifts from me because I knit, I feel like I should bring this up. That's a major no-no. In fact, when I find out that someone EXPECTS me to knit something for them, it makes me less likely to do so because it makes me realize that the requester has no concept or appreciation of the craft. Their name gets put on the end of my "gift list". Does anyone else do this, or is it just me? I just like knowing that the hand knit items that I make go to people who actually appreciate them. I can't stand people and their "I want, I want" attitudes. As if I'd really rather knit something for you, Mr./Ms. Unappreciative, than for myself. Pffft.

On Saturday, Mike and I went to Evan's (my nephew) birthday at my step sister's house. I got to check out his newly decorated room, as well as the new baby's room and of course I was inspired. I plan on presenting something to Evan (he's two!) at Christmas that will go with the room decor perfectly. I'd really like to start working on it by June, though, because I don't want to get myself into a bind like I did last year.

And speaking of last year... I've decided that I am only going to do ONE larger scaled knitting piece as a gift per Christmas. As much as I would love to give everyone in my family huge knitted gifts, its just not going to happen. Last year, I wore myself out by starting late in the game (October) and struggling to complete afghans and other large items for people. Not this year. This year, Evan is getting the big gift, and everyone else gets little ones. Next year, someone else will get the big gift, and everyone else will get little ones. Its fair that way, don't you think?

In completely non-knitting news, I discovered that Dawn Liquid Dish Soap is more awesome than I originally thought it was. Over the summer, I impressed a friend when I revealed that my hair was shiny and soft because I washed it with Dawn. I always impressed myself everytime I used Dawn to get out oil/grease stains, and unidentified spots on our carpet. On New Years Eve, I impressed other people when I got a crapload of red wine out of someone's light blue button down shirt. So yeah, you would think that I would be completely unphased when the power of Dawn gently removed dried kelly green acrylic paint from my pink sapphire/diamond ring. That paint was REALLY up in there too. But yeah, its gone now. Soaked the ring in some warm water with a few drops of Dawn for a couple of hours.

Don't underestimate the power of Dawn, people.


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