Friday, March 05, 2004

My priorties just flew right out the window.

You know what my problem is? I knit too damn quickly, and I *hate* completing projects. I'd much rather everything I have on needles STAY on needles. Somehow, that's so much more satisfying for me. So, I determined that I can knit up the the stuff for the packages in less than two weeks. That gives me a lot of time to play with other things on needles. So I am. [insert evil laughter here]

The other night, Liv Tyler was on Jay Leno, and her top was GORGEOUS. It sort of reminded me of Knitty's Kyoto, but nicer -- flouny-er and more shapely. So, of course, I decided that I needed to make a top that was inspired by Liv's for myself. I'm using Knitty's Kyoto as a guide and Liv's top as my main source of inspiration. Isn't this wonderful? I'm even going to be cutting into my yarn stash to make it! And I never thought I'd find use for 2000 yards of Antique White 3-ply Acrylic Baby Yarn.

I've already cast on and started working on the first half of the criss cross in the front -- three inches so far!!! I'm so excited. A sweater I can wear during the spring and summer. Yay.

Last night's SnB was so much fun. There was a poetry reading going on (apparently, there is a reading the first Thursday of each month) so we moved to another section of the cafe because the front half was like a library. The poetry reading would have been cool if there were more than three poets participating in it. And if one of the poems wasn't called "The Sound of Paper". And if the participating poets didn't look at US like we were the crazy bunch. Yeah. We're knitting. Must you comment on it and say that it is "cute". It was still fun though. Anne learned how to use circulars, and frankly, I hope she continues using them because they will put much less stress on her wrists and arms since the weight of her knitted pieces will be on the connector and not her wrists from supporting the straight needle. And Katie mentioned something about "stitches east", so I need to check that out. (Note to self: check out stitches east.)

One thing I was impressed with last night was the fact that I actually got some knitting done. More than two inches of something from Project 2P, to be somewhat exact. Last week, I got about three rows done of a 78 stitch wide wrap, and a few rows of a baby bootie that I ended up frogging while I was there. The week before, I got almost nothing done on the sweater that I was working on. I think I like "bitching" more than I like "stitching" when I'm around other people.

I've got to get back to doing some more work on my kimono style top and I'll scan in some shots of it later. :)


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