Wednesday, March 10, 2004


Okay, I just typed up this SUPER LONG DESCRIPTIVE post, and the internet ATE IT!


I'll try to recap as best I can.

You know those priorities that flew out the window last week? Well, they are half way to Japan right now.

Let me put it this way. I got REALLY BORED of knitting the same stuff. I like variety and this new knitting method was totally cramping my knitting style. On Monday night, I decided that I would do the unthinkable, and start something for myself. Notice how I didn't say "work on something for myself that I have already started". That's important, because that is the kind of knitter (baker, cooker, painter, organizer, etc.) that I am. Like many people, I also got totally sucked into watching Jessica Simpson be dumb for 30 minutes each week on Newly Weds. My jaw could usually be found 2 inches from the ground in awe at both her lack of common sense as well as her amazing wardrobe and accessories. I absolutely fell in love with her shawls, and her buttery leather bag (SHE HAS TWO!!!!!). Don't think that I didn't try to work up a plan to make a replica bag, but I am no leather worker, and frankly, that hobby seems much more expensive than knitting. So, I decided to do my best to replicate (and I'm using that term very loosely) Jessica's shawl. I am not a very flowery kind of person, and I don't crochet, so I was left with airy, openwork stitches and my imagination. My imagination started running away from me, so I turned to the internet and found this pattern (

Two skeins of Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick and Quick in Fishermann, that pattern, and a couple of hours on a set of size 17 circulars was all it took to create a really cute (and stretchy) shawl. I LOVE IT. Well, I might love it more if I use one more skein to make it a little bit larger. I like my wraps and shawls super-sized (My Valentine's Day Wrap measured 32"x92", and its my favorite). Plus, I have about 6 skeins left of the yarn so it wouldn't hurt to use a little more up, right? I'm going to bring (i.e. wear) the shawl to tomorrow's SnB so I can see what the gals think about adding more to it.

Also, notice how I started (and finished) a NEW project for myself? Let's not forget about the fact that I have a couple on needles (and on stitch holders) already waiting to be finished. This is very important because it is a perfect example of how I work. And not just for knitting either. I'm like this with baking, cooking, painting, writing songs, organizing, etc. It's a personality trait/flaw that I have learned to embrace, even if it does make my life more difficult at times. :)

I really need to finish the Liv Tyler/Kyoto-esque sweater that I started though. The yarn shipment from Elann is going to get here soon and I know I won't want to be bothered with the sweater once there is new yarn for me to play with.

Scratch that.

I really need to finish the gift items that I started before I finish my Liv/Kyoto-esque sweater, and before I even open the Elann package.

Yes, I really do owe my conscious for that one.

Before I end this entry and go back to knitting, or whatever else I need to do before Mike gets home, please share in this obsession with me. I have been sucked into WEBoggle for the past few days, and I just can't seem to get enough of it. Its really fun, in a boring sort of way. It reminds me A LOT of Bookworm, which I absolutely love, except you play against other people and the letters don't shift. Go here ( and play. If I'm playing, I'll be on there as "nik".

Happy Knitting! (And WEBoggle-ing!)


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