Sunday, February 08, 2004

TGI..Satur... Sunday.

Alright, so I didn't upload those pictures yet. Sue me! Its the weekend. These things happen. Its a little embarressing knowing that my blatent laziness for not doing this is being broadcast all over the web now by whoever reads this, but... oh well. I've been really busy knitting! I promise. That should at least count for something. Today I reached the halfway mark of the Valentines Day Wrap. It measures a whopping 42 inches now from the beginning to the center point. I really shouldn't even be online right now because I need to get the main portion of the wrap completed so I can add fringe and beading, but I'm looking at rings online instead.

Also, tonight, two more people expressed interest in joining the Morris-Warren NJ SnB!!! This is SO EXCITING!!! I'm so glad I signed online to check out rings otherwise I wouldn't have even acknowledged the two gals until MONDAY, and that would have just been rude... I guess I should make it known to people that I rarely sign online on the weekends? I dunno. But anyway, one of the gals lives up around my neck of the woods, so I'm really excited about that. Hopefully, now that there are more people interested in the group, it will start moving along a little more smoothly. For a while there, I started to feel as though I was posting and responding to myself, lol.

On a side note, I'm starting to think of ways to incorporate my knitting into the wedding that I will eventually be having. I've pretty much ruled out knitting a dress for myself. I'm pretty insane, but not THAT insane. However, tonight, there I was, having a blast knitting up my wrap and looking forward to knitting up the teal one almost as soon as I am finished with this one. And that's when it hit me. I'm going to knit myself a wrap -- out of some alpaca/silk blend yarn this time, not acrylic -- for the wedding. And... Da da dum. I'm also going to knit myself the bag that I will carry on that day too. I figure, if I can't make the dress, I can at least make the accessories. Its funny how this is probably the obvious decision for any sane person, but for me, it took a LONG time to get to this point in my thinking. For instance, I went from wanting to make my own wedding cake, to just baking the cucidati to serve with the coffee/tea, to finally just realizing that perhaps if I just include one of my recipes or something like that in the wedding favors that I would be saving myself a lot of time, effort and stress that can be directed towards other matters of the occassion.

You know, it would be REALLLY nice to be able to say, "Please come to my wedding. I have done all the catering from the wine to the five course meals to the cake and cookies, and I've also designed and fabricated the entire bridal party's attire as well as my gown. RSVP by blah blah blah," without people automatically institutionalizing me.

Okay, I'm signing offline now. I have a lot of knitting to do (42 inches in body, many i-cords, and beading) and this whole online thing has served as a tool of procrastination long enough. :)

But one last thing... If you haven't seen the movie Avalon yet, please rent it. Its so amazing.

Oh. And another last thing. Mike and I decided to check out the Clinton Station Diner for dinner tonight (since we have already tested out their breakfast selection) and the wait for a table was AN HOUR AND A HALF. WTF??????????????


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