Thursday, February 26, 2004

Stitch 'n Bitch Tonight!

Of course I'm excited, but I'm going to try to keep my high level of enthusiasm to a minimum. I recently watched a couple of interviews with Drew Barrymore and apparently, she scares people with her enthusiasm. So, Drew, if you are reading this -- I feel ya, I really do. One thing that I'm really excited about is that Anne came to me and wants to make something that requires a pattern -- baby booties. I figured that this would be her first pattern, I would help her out. And then I figured that since everyone I know is popping out children, I should make them along with her. So I guess that means that I'm doing a knit along with Anne, sort of. I plan to have these things done by the time I leave that cafe tonight, although I'm pretty sure that's not going to happen because I'll end up people watching, talking, or eating instead... or something. Oh well. The group this week has also been downsized from last week's group. Last week, nine. This week, six. Or seven, depending on whether or not Sami stops by. And, Katie might come by tonight, which is awesome because I haven't met her yet.

I've decided to take a break from frogging the sweaters I bought yesterday. This one sweater, when unraveled, looks identical to Omelette's fur. Omelette is one of my cats -- a long haired calico. These huge wads of yarn could seriously be mistaken for the largest, creepiest hairballs ever.

Anyway, on to some other news. I made a few sets of knitting needles yesterday, and this one set I made is already my favorite so I think I need to make more in the same size, etc. I always tend to use the same sized needles for everything, and to be able to have duplicates of my favorites would be nice. Plus, these babies cost me under two bucks per set. Not bad at all for needles of their diameter. I've noticed that I have gone through some knitting needle phases. First, I loved US 7's. Loved them! Couldn't get enough of them. Couldn't stop making everything with them. Then, I found that I loved US 5's even better. And guess what came next? US 3's. For a long time, I had myself convinced that the 7's were actually quite large and that I could make anything using them. Then I discovered US 10's. I thought these things were the queen bee's of knitting needles. Then I used US 17's. Now, you've got to understand -- 17's are an obnoxious needle size for someone who used nothing greater than a US 5 for almost a year. The needles that I made last night are probably about a US 13 or so. I consider them my happy meduim because the 17's were just too much for me. Deb, from the knitting group, was trying to tell me about these size 30-something needles last week during the meet up. My eyes were probably about as large as an eyelet made with size 30-something needles when she was telling me. Wish I had pictures of that.

I've been getting a lot of knitting done, although since the work has been spread out on more than one project, it really doesn't look like much. I gave the cabled sweater a rest for a little while, and I haven't picked it back up yet. I think the knitting and frogged episode that I went through last weekend took a toll on my enthusiasm for that project. For future projects, I am going to be less indecisive about the yarn I use for projects like that. I did start this very bright, almost day-glo, summer wrap for myself. I was inspired by this beautiful silk Lilly Pulitzer scarf I got for breast cancer awareness, as well as afghans and throws for the late sixties/early 70s. I've got about 10 inches of it completed and it looks beautiful -- very spring-like. Another project that I started is the feather and fan wrap using my teal yarn. This project is on my latest favorite needles, and I've got maybe 7 inches or so completed. I also charted a scottie dog for both regular and illusion knitting, and cast on for a scarf that I wanted to make using it. I didn't particuarly like it (the scarf, not the pattern), so I only have about 2 inches completed on it. I'll probably end up frogging it. I also scored two sweaters very cheap that I am unraveling for another shawl or wrap that I want to make. I still have a lot of work to do on Dana's baby blanket, as well as a toddler blanket for Evan. So much knitting to do, so little time... although I *really* can't use that as an excuse.


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