Monday, February 23, 2004

Step away from those stitches!

I have yarn commitment issues. I'm sure of it. Its probably one of the major reasons I don't want to purchase higher priced yarn -- I'll love it and leave it just like the rest. *sigh*

Well, the story goes like this.

I started making the cardigan (v1.0) using Yarn A. I completed, oh say, 8.25" of the back using Yarn A, and I decided that I would rather make said cardigan using Yarn B. Well, dandy! I just frogged that bad boy early Friday afternoon and I started making the cardigan (v2.0) using Yarn B. I cast on, knit several inches, frogged it, cast on, knit a couple inches, frogged it, had a slight hissy fit about why the hell I can't just pick a yarn and go with it, cast on, decide to start with the ribbing instead of the body, hate it and frog it. This went on late into Saturday evening.

Seriously. I have the most dysfunctional relationship with my yarn. I should seek therapy.

Of course, this whole cast on ("cast on... *click click*... cast off... *click click*-- the caster!") cast off phase I went through took a toll on me, as it took up a lot of time unnecessarily and it drained my creative soul. I couldn't even sleep because I was going through one of those must-think-about-knitting-can't-sleep-yarn-will-tie-itself-into-knots-if-I-do-sleep phases. I ended up falling asleep at (and keeping Mike up until) a little after 3:30 in the morning.

I must have had a yarn therapy session in my sleep because I woke up with the greatest ideas, in my opinion, for projects that I want to work on.

And to bring up Stitch n Bitch, I think it was fairly successful. Unfortunately, school was out that week and it was VERY busy (and smokey, and loud) as a result. I've gotten confirmation from several people that the shop is not actually like that on your typical Thursday, so the group probably was not as impressed with it as I was. In fact, they probably think that I was smoking crack when I said it was the perfect place to meet up. I swear on, you guys -- only the back room that was seperated by little curtains had a few people in it, and four people were in the rest of the place! It wasn't loud, smokey, OR busy! Hopefully people will keep coming back, because overall, it was a lot of fun and it was a nice way to meet some new people. And, hopefully, new people will be joining us as well. I read somewhere where someone said that it could take months for a knitting group to get up to 5 members who meet. We started with nine. We would have started with twelve, but two were at a concert and one was ill. That's not bad for a first meet-up, right? Plus, we are finally "official" and listed on the website. Hopefully we will get more traffic now, because it would be great to have a really large and diverse group. Everyone who showed up was so nice, and everyone's projects were so beautiful and cushy. It was a really great atmosphere -- very creatively charged. Unfortunately, I remember everyone's name and face except for one person because I couldn't hear her (I'm sorry!). She was working on Zeeby's Bag from the Stitch 'n Bitch book, and she was Tina's friend. She had an AWESOME hat on, which of course was one of the first things I noticed because I have a sick infatuation with hats. I want to make sure I get her name the next time I see her because I feel like a tart for not remembering it (or hearing it?) now.

Anyway, on a non-knitting side note, I have felt so drained since Thursday. In fact, on Friday I was practically useless. I know it sounds like such a sin to blame being introverted for this, but its so true. I hope I get into the swing of things soon. For some STRANGE reason, it never dawned on me that trying to lead/get together/organize a group of 15 would be draining. Which, really, is just unheard of for me to not think of. Ask Anne. I remind her all about introvert traits all the time just to make sure she doesn't think I'm crazy. Although, now that I think of it, reminding her that I am an introvert and not crazy probably makes her think that I *am* crazy. Its a no win situation!

On Sunday, Mike and I ended up going down to Toms River to celebrate his parents' birthdays. I was to make the surprise dinner AND desert. You know, I totally don't mind doing that kind of stuff at all -- in fact, I thrive on it -- but for some reason, I had such PERFORMANCE ANXIETY that I felt like I was going to bust apart at the seams. I'm sure it had NOTHING at all to do with the fact that I was working on very little sleep and that I was still emotionally exhausted from Thursday!!! I ended up making an Eli's style cheesecake from scratch that came out so absolutely delicious, tall, and light (mind you, nothing about the ingredients in this cheesecake were light or low in anything by any means) that I'm doing nothing but craving it. I also made my special pork chops (pan seared over high heat, then poached (?) in a cranberry balsamic garlic sauce until they are done. BEST PORK CHOPS EVER. Everyone loved them and there were no leftovers, which totally shocked me because I made A LOT of food. It was enjoyable and I'm glad everyone had a good time.

And, speaking of food -- am I the only one who LOVES pizza with pepperoni and pineapples?


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