Sunday, February 29, 2004


Well, anyone who reads this or who knows me in person knows that I always have about a million projects going on all at the same time. Maybe it is because I have such a short attention span, or maybe it is because I like to see all the different things I can accomplish using different techniques. Or, maybe it is just because I would rather have things in progress than have things completed. I know. I've got issues, and I'm okay with that. However, there are things that I need to complete by specific dates regardless of what completion issues I have. Two of these "things" are what I like to call "package deals". A package deal is something that contains more than one knitted piece that goes together. Like a set. The two other things have nothing to do with each other, as the recipient for each thing is not the same person. They are not package deals, but instead are singular items. All of these things must be completed within the next few upcoming weeks, so they are going to be all that I work on until they are all completed. Every other project will be put on hold. The funny thing about these projects, and the fact that I am mentioning them on a knitting blog, is that I absolutely cannot post photographs or scans of these items, nor can I post descriptions of them just in case one of the recipients of these items comes across this blog. And, that wouldn't be unheard of considering that in the signature of each email I send, there is a link to this blog. Go me. Anyway, these gift items will be called: Package 1M, Package 2P, Item 1S, and Item 2R. I'll post detailed descriptions and photographs/scans once the recipient receives the items so I do not run the risk of ruining a great surprise. Most of the descriptions/photographs/scans will be able to be posted before the end of April/beginning of May.

This is an update on the works in progess thus far:

Package 1M
This has been a really fun package to create and is serving as a source of inspiration for all future packages. It actually inspired me so much that I frogged an item from the other package that I had been working on so I can replicate what I have done with this one. My original intention for this recipient was quite different than it is now, mainly because I did not have an appropriate source of inspiration. And, that was sad, really, because I wanted to do something spectacular, but just couldn't come up with ideas that made me go "Whooo!" instead of "Ho Hum". Thursday night, before the Stitch 'n Bitch, Anne and I went to Wal-mart to pick up a skein of yarn so she could work on her first project following a pattern that was not a scarf. I decided that it might be more helpful for her (and for me if I was to help her) if I did the same project also. Needless to say, the project was TERRIBLE. Neither of us got any more than an inch done during the SnB (I've noticed I do a lot more "bitching" than I do "stitching" at those things!!!), so I did some of the project when I got home and deemed it a failure. Can you say "wonky"? (Note to self: Never follow a pattern that has no picture -- pictures REALLY are helpful. Also, " you get what you pay for". Yeah.)

Now, I was left with a full skein of yarn that could be used for one purpose only. It was bought with the intentions of making a gift for this person, and that was just what I was going to do. By 2 AM, I had already completed approximately 5/8 of item #1 for this project. I did absolutely no knitting on Friday, which was a little odd for me. On Saturday, I completed the rest of item #1, as well as item #2 for this package. I found a tertiary pattern (with a picture) for the item(s) that Anne and I were to originally knit, and determined that I still had more than enough yarn to complete the item(s) from the original idea. I also knew that this/these item(s) would take virtually no time at all and that I would like to work on another item for this package. I played around with my yarn a little bit using different stitch patterns and needle sizes, and then it hit me. I knew what I was going to do, and I'm very proud of it. It actually pains me that I cannot go into any more detail about it here -- that's how proud of it I am. I now have nine inches (1/6 th) of this inspirational item completed. I am definitaly going to bring the items that I have both completed and have in progress to this upcoming SnB so I can get a better gauge on whether or not I'm just loopy, or if these items are adorable.

Package 2P
I started this package as one singular item about two and a half months ago. For two and a half months, the first four inches from the day I cast on sat on my circulars wasting space and my utilities. The pattern I originally came up with for this particular item, although very beautiful and meaningful, was a little too complex and I knew that the intended recipient would not appreciate the involvement that went into it. I talked about this item briefly at the last SnB, where I pretty much convinced myself that I should frog it and start anew. The only problem was -- what would I create in its place? This problem was solved last night during the creation of the item I am very proud of from Package 1M. I happily frogged that bad boy and began doing a replication of the inspirational item, but in a different style. Again, I wish I could go into more of a description here, but I can't. This new version of the item has also freed up an entire skein of yarn intended for the recipient so I can do a complete package, similar to what is going to be in Package 1M. I am so excited about this!!!

Item 1S
I have not started this item yet, although I keep gathering ideas. I know what the item will be, but I don't know its details yet as far as stitch patterns and colors go. I will probably start this project within the next week and a half though because I'm really close to figuring out all the details.

Item 2R
I know EXACTLY what I am doing for this, except I have not started it yet, and its probably because I am overly optimistic as to the outcome of the knitted piece. I charted it myself, and came up with the pattern details and although I was VERY confident when I completed both of these details (and the several times almost immediately after when I checked and rechecked my work), I am starting to feel uneasy about the details. I'll probably check them over once more (or twice more) before I start this on Wednesday.

One thing I really need to figure out how to do is to get some sort of progress chart and WIP listing directly onto this blog, instead of linking to the livejournal account. No offense to livejournal users or anything (since I am one myself), but this whole linking nonsence is a bit annoying. And, updating each WIP is annoying. So, I don't know if anyone even noticed, but my WIPs and Completed Objects links have not been updated in a while now. *sigh* I need to set aside some time to work on those things, but I'd really rather be knitting. Its a no win situation! :)

In other news, I had SO MUCH FUN at the last Stitch n Bitch. SO MUCH FUN. It felt like a completely different experience than the one I had the week prior because while I felt VERY drained after the first meet-up, I felt energized after this last one. I loved the energy this week, and I hope that I'm not the only one who felt that positivity. It was probably there during the first one, but I was so freaked out that people would hate it or each other that I did nothing but panic about it for at least a week. I finally got to meet Katie, who I absolutely ADORE, and she's one of the most interesting people I've met in a long time. She makes me feel less self-conscious about myself and the way I do things. Particuarly the way I do things in mass quantities and with no moderation, burn myself out, moderate myself, then move on to something else to include in my repertoire. I got virtually no knitting done, again, but I had so much fun so it doesn't even matter. Anne learned to purl, Tina loves the Bloodhound Gang (me too!!!), and we were all in agreement that the hair of the man providing the live entertainment was probably the worst hair to ever be seen in public with. It was great. I'm really looking forward to the next meet-up and I'm so happy this thing is coming together the way it has been.

Back to my knitting!!! :)


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