Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Its a wrap!

I have been so full of puns lately that its embarressing. Everything from "I was in STITCHES" to "tight knit group" to "its a wrap" to "the skein of my teeth". I should really be banned from speaking -- and thinking out loud!

Okie dokie. So, I finished the body portion of the wrap, and it measures about 90 inches long (!!!) and about 32 inches wide. I realize that it is a little large for a wrap, but whatever. I'm just going to call it my "extreme wrap". Originaly, my plan was to incorporate i-cords as the fringe coming off the wrap, and I started doing that and discovered that I totally don't like it. Thank God for that too, because I would be here for six years (even though i-cords don't take long to make) if I continued with the plan. Now I'm just doing regular old fringe and I'm going to be adding the beading to the sides, borders, and yarn overs later. The term "later" obviously means as soon as possible since I don't want to be working on this the night before Valentines Day. IN FACT... My plan right now is to have this finished tonight so that I can make a matching hat to go with it.

Once this gets finished though, its back to the sage green sweater.

And yeah, I know. There are still no pictures of my work online. I'll get to that as soon as I take a break from actually knitting.


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