Sunday, February 29, 2004


Well, anyone who reads this or who knows me in person knows that I always have about a million projects going on all at the same time. Maybe it is because I have such a short attention span, or maybe it is because I like to see all the different things I can accomplish using different techniques. Or, maybe it is just because I would rather have things in progress than have things completed. I know. I've got issues, and I'm okay with that. However, there are things that I need to complete by specific dates regardless of what completion issues I have. Two of these "things" are what I like to call "package deals". A package deal is something that contains more than one knitted piece that goes together. Like a set. The two other things have nothing to do with each other, as the recipient for each thing is not the same person. They are not package deals, but instead are singular items. All of these things must be completed within the next few upcoming weeks, so they are going to be all that I work on until they are all completed. Every other project will be put on hold. The funny thing about these projects, and the fact that I am mentioning them on a knitting blog, is that I absolutely cannot post photographs or scans of these items, nor can I post descriptions of them just in case one of the recipients of these items comes across this blog. And, that wouldn't be unheard of considering that in the signature of each email I send, there is a link to this blog. Go me. Anyway, these gift items will be called: Package 1M, Package 2P, Item 1S, and Item 2R. I'll post detailed descriptions and photographs/scans once the recipient receives the items so I do not run the risk of ruining a great surprise. Most of the descriptions/photographs/scans will be able to be posted before the end of April/beginning of May.

This is an update on the works in progess thus far:

Package 1M
This has been a really fun package to create and is serving as a source of inspiration for all future packages. It actually inspired me so much that I frogged an item from the other package that I had been working on so I can replicate what I have done with this one. My original intention for this recipient was quite different than it is now, mainly because I did not have an appropriate source of inspiration. And, that was sad, really, because I wanted to do something spectacular, but just couldn't come up with ideas that made me go "Whooo!" instead of "Ho Hum". Thursday night, before the Stitch 'n Bitch, Anne and I went to Wal-mart to pick up a skein of yarn so she could work on her first project following a pattern that was not a scarf. I decided that it might be more helpful for her (and for me if I was to help her) if I did the same project also. Needless to say, the project was TERRIBLE. Neither of us got any more than an inch done during the SnB (I've noticed I do a lot more "bitching" than I do "stitching" at those things!!!), so I did some of the project when I got home and deemed it a failure. Can you say "wonky"? (Note to self: Never follow a pattern that has no picture -- pictures REALLY are helpful. Also, " you get what you pay for". Yeah.)

Now, I was left with a full skein of yarn that could be used for one purpose only. It was bought with the intentions of making a gift for this person, and that was just what I was going to do. By 2 AM, I had already completed approximately 5/8 of item #1 for this project. I did absolutely no knitting on Friday, which was a little odd for me. On Saturday, I completed the rest of item #1, as well as item #2 for this package. I found a tertiary pattern (with a picture) for the item(s) that Anne and I were to originally knit, and determined that I still had more than enough yarn to complete the item(s) from the original idea. I also knew that this/these item(s) would take virtually no time at all and that I would like to work on another item for this package. I played around with my yarn a little bit using different stitch patterns and needle sizes, and then it hit me. I knew what I was going to do, and I'm very proud of it. It actually pains me that I cannot go into any more detail about it here -- that's how proud of it I am. I now have nine inches (1/6 th) of this inspirational item completed. I am definitaly going to bring the items that I have both completed and have in progress to this upcoming SnB so I can get a better gauge on whether or not I'm just loopy, or if these items are adorable.

Package 2P
I started this package as one singular item about two and a half months ago. For two and a half months, the first four inches from the day I cast on sat on my circulars wasting space and my utilities. The pattern I originally came up with for this particular item, although very beautiful and meaningful, was a little too complex and I knew that the intended recipient would not appreciate the involvement that went into it. I talked about this item briefly at the last SnB, where I pretty much convinced myself that I should frog it and start anew. The only problem was -- what would I create in its place? This problem was solved last night during the creation of the item I am very proud of from Package 1M. I happily frogged that bad boy and began doing a replication of the inspirational item, but in a different style. Again, I wish I could go into more of a description here, but I can't. This new version of the item has also freed up an entire skein of yarn intended for the recipient so I can do a complete package, similar to what is going to be in Package 1M. I am so excited about this!!!

Item 1S
I have not started this item yet, although I keep gathering ideas. I know what the item will be, but I don't know its details yet as far as stitch patterns and colors go. I will probably start this project within the next week and a half though because I'm really close to figuring out all the details.

Item 2R
I know EXACTLY what I am doing for this, except I have not started it yet, and its probably because I am overly optimistic as to the outcome of the knitted piece. I charted it myself, and came up with the pattern details and although I was VERY confident when I completed both of these details (and the several times almost immediately after when I checked and rechecked my work), I am starting to feel uneasy about the details. I'll probably check them over once more (or twice more) before I start this on Wednesday.

One thing I really need to figure out how to do is to get some sort of progress chart and WIP listing directly onto this blog, instead of linking to the livejournal account. No offense to livejournal users or anything (since I am one myself), but this whole linking nonsence is a bit annoying. And, updating each WIP is annoying. So, I don't know if anyone even noticed, but my WIPs and Completed Objects links have not been updated in a while now. *sigh* I need to set aside some time to work on those things, but I'd really rather be knitting. Its a no win situation! :)

In other news, I had SO MUCH FUN at the last Stitch n Bitch. SO MUCH FUN. It felt like a completely different experience than the one I had the week prior because while I felt VERY drained after the first meet-up, I felt energized after this last one. I loved the energy this week, and I hope that I'm not the only one who felt that positivity. It was probably there during the first one, but I was so freaked out that people would hate it or each other that I did nothing but panic about it for at least a week. I finally got to meet Katie, who I absolutely ADORE, and she's one of the most interesting people I've met in a long time. She makes me feel less self-conscious about myself and the way I do things. Particuarly the way I do things in mass quantities and with no moderation, burn myself out, moderate myself, then move on to something else to include in my repertoire. I got virtually no knitting done, again, but I had so much fun so it doesn't even matter. Anne learned to purl, Tina loves the Bloodhound Gang (me too!!!), and we were all in agreement that the hair of the man providing the live entertainment was probably the worst hair to ever be seen in public with. It was great. I'm really looking forward to the next meet-up and I'm so happy this thing is coming together the way it has been.

Back to my knitting!!! :)

Thursday, February 26, 2004

Stitch 'n Bitch Tonight!

Of course I'm excited, but I'm going to try to keep my high level of enthusiasm to a minimum. I recently watched a couple of interviews with Drew Barrymore and apparently, she scares people with her enthusiasm. So, Drew, if you are reading this -- I feel ya, I really do. One thing that I'm really excited about is that Anne came to me and wants to make something that requires a pattern -- baby booties. I figured that this would be her first pattern, I would help her out. And then I figured that since everyone I know is popping out children, I should make them along with her. So I guess that means that I'm doing a knit along with Anne, sort of. I plan to have these things done by the time I leave that cafe tonight, although I'm pretty sure that's not going to happen because I'll end up people watching, talking, or eating instead... or something. Oh well. The group this week has also been downsized from last week's group. Last week, nine. This week, six. Or seven, depending on whether or not Sami stops by. And, Katie might come by tonight, which is awesome because I haven't met her yet.

I've decided to take a break from frogging the sweaters I bought yesterday. This one sweater, when unraveled, looks identical to Omelette's fur. Omelette is one of my cats -- a long haired calico. These huge wads of yarn could seriously be mistaken for the largest, creepiest hairballs ever.

Anyway, on to some other news. I made a few sets of knitting needles yesterday, and this one set I made is already my favorite so I think I need to make more in the same size, etc. I always tend to use the same sized needles for everything, and to be able to have duplicates of my favorites would be nice. Plus, these babies cost me under two bucks per set. Not bad at all for needles of their diameter. I've noticed that I have gone through some knitting needle phases. First, I loved US 7's. Loved them! Couldn't get enough of them. Couldn't stop making everything with them. Then, I found that I loved US 5's even better. And guess what came next? US 3's. For a long time, I had myself convinced that the 7's were actually quite large and that I could make anything using them. Then I discovered US 10's. I thought these things were the queen bee's of knitting needles. Then I used US 17's. Now, you've got to understand -- 17's are an obnoxious needle size for someone who used nothing greater than a US 5 for almost a year. The needles that I made last night are probably about a US 13 or so. I consider them my happy meduim because the 17's were just too much for me. Deb, from the knitting group, was trying to tell me about these size 30-something needles last week during the meet up. My eyes were probably about as large as an eyelet made with size 30-something needles when she was telling me. Wish I had pictures of that.

I've been getting a lot of knitting done, although since the work has been spread out on more than one project, it really doesn't look like much. I gave the cabled sweater a rest for a little while, and I haven't picked it back up yet. I think the knitting and frogged episode that I went through last weekend took a toll on my enthusiasm for that project. For future projects, I am going to be less indecisive about the yarn I use for projects like that. I did start this very bright, almost day-glo, summer wrap for myself. I was inspired by this beautiful silk Lilly Pulitzer scarf I got for breast cancer awareness, as well as afghans and throws for the late sixties/early 70s. I've got about 10 inches of it completed and it looks beautiful -- very spring-like. Another project that I started is the feather and fan wrap using my teal yarn. This project is on my latest favorite needles, and I've got maybe 7 inches or so completed. I also charted a scottie dog for both regular and illusion knitting, and cast on for a scarf that I wanted to make using it. I didn't particuarly like it (the scarf, not the pattern), so I only have about 2 inches completed on it. I'll probably end up frogging it. I also scored two sweaters very cheap that I am unraveling for another shawl or wrap that I want to make. I still have a lot of work to do on Dana's baby blanket, as well as a toddler blanket for Evan. So much knitting to do, so little time... although I *really* can't use that as an excuse.

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Poll in the Morris SnB Group

There is a poll that was created to gauge how well we picked the meet-up location in our Yahoo Groups forum. It's really a quick poll - yes/no to one question - but its very important that members who were in attendance answer it. So far, only four people out of the nine who attended, have voted, and the voting ends today at 4 PM. I'm not sure if people actually READ this blog, but I figured that outside of the post I made and the special notice that I sent out yesterday from Yahoo Groups, I really can't put this anywhere else... I don't think the Knitting Community would be pleased if I posted it there! :)

Monday, February 23, 2004

Step away from those stitches!

I have yarn commitment issues. I'm sure of it. Its probably one of the major reasons I don't want to purchase higher priced yarn -- I'll love it and leave it just like the rest. *sigh*

Well, the story goes like this.

I started making the cardigan (v1.0) using Yarn A. I completed, oh say, 8.25" of the back using Yarn A, and I decided that I would rather make said cardigan using Yarn B. Well, dandy! I just frogged that bad boy early Friday afternoon and I started making the cardigan (v2.0) using Yarn B. I cast on, knit several inches, frogged it, cast on, knit a couple inches, frogged it, had a slight hissy fit about why the hell I can't just pick a yarn and go with it, cast on, decide to start with the ribbing instead of the body, hate it and frog it. This went on late into Saturday evening.

Seriously. I have the most dysfunctional relationship with my yarn. I should seek therapy.

Of course, this whole cast on ("cast on... *click click*... cast off... *click click*-- the caster!") cast off phase I went through took a toll on me, as it took up a lot of time unnecessarily and it drained my creative soul. I couldn't even sleep because I was going through one of those must-think-about-knitting-can't-sleep-yarn-will-tie-itself-into-knots-if-I-do-sleep phases. I ended up falling asleep at (and keeping Mike up until) a little after 3:30 in the morning.

I must have had a yarn therapy session in my sleep because I woke up with the greatest ideas, in my opinion, for projects that I want to work on.

And to bring up Stitch n Bitch, I think it was fairly successful. Unfortunately, school was out that week and it was VERY busy (and smokey, and loud) as a result. I've gotten confirmation from several people that the shop is not actually like that on your typical Thursday, so the group probably was not as impressed with it as I was. In fact, they probably think that I was smoking crack when I said it was the perfect place to meet up. I swear on, you guys -- only the back room that was seperated by little curtains had a few people in it, and four people were in the rest of the place! It wasn't loud, smokey, OR busy! Hopefully people will keep coming back, because overall, it was a lot of fun and it was a nice way to meet some new people. And, hopefully, new people will be joining us as well. I read somewhere where someone said that it could take months for a knitting group to get up to 5 members who meet. We started with nine. We would have started with twelve, but two were at a concert and one was ill. That's not bad for a first meet-up, right? Plus, we are finally "official" and listed on the website. Hopefully we will get more traffic now, because it would be great to have a really large and diverse group. Everyone who showed up was so nice, and everyone's projects were so beautiful and cushy. It was a really great atmosphere -- very creatively charged. Unfortunately, I remember everyone's name and face except for one person because I couldn't hear her (I'm sorry!). She was working on Zeeby's Bag from the Stitch 'n Bitch book, and she was Tina's friend. She had an AWESOME hat on, which of course was one of the first things I noticed because I have a sick infatuation with hats. I want to make sure I get her name the next time I see her because I feel like a tart for not remembering it (or hearing it?) now.

Anyway, on a non-knitting side note, I have felt so drained since Thursday. In fact, on Friday I was practically useless. I know it sounds like such a sin to blame being introverted for this, but its so true. I hope I get into the swing of things soon. For some STRANGE reason, it never dawned on me that trying to lead/get together/organize a group of 15 would be draining. Which, really, is just unheard of for me to not think of. Ask Anne. I remind her all about introvert traits all the time just to make sure she doesn't think I'm crazy. Although, now that I think of it, reminding her that I am an introvert and not crazy probably makes her think that I *am* crazy. Its a no win situation!

On Sunday, Mike and I ended up going down to Toms River to celebrate his parents' birthdays. I was to make the surprise dinner AND desert. You know, I totally don't mind doing that kind of stuff at all -- in fact, I thrive on it -- but for some reason, I had such PERFORMANCE ANXIETY that I felt like I was going to bust apart at the seams. I'm sure it had NOTHING at all to do with the fact that I was working on very little sleep and that I was still emotionally exhausted from Thursday!!! I ended up making an Eli's style cheesecake from scratch that came out so absolutely delicious, tall, and light (mind you, nothing about the ingredients in this cheesecake were light or low in anything by any means) that I'm doing nothing but craving it. I also made my special pork chops (pan seared over high heat, then poached (?) in a cranberry balsamic garlic sauce until they are done. BEST PORK CHOPS EVER. Everyone loved them and there were no leftovers, which totally shocked me because I made A LOT of food. It was enjoyable and I'm glad everyone had a good time.

And, speaking of food -- am I the only one who LOVES pizza with pepperoni and pineapples?

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

This barely has anything to do with knitting...

In fact, it probably has more to do with linguistics! But anyway. Last night Mike and I were going through the McDonald's drive thru (ever just CRAVE the fries?) and we were talking about his work, and I starting comparing his work ethic to my work ethic (although I don't work anymore, I still have one) and I told him that he is the shiz-nit at VZW, and I am just the shiz-knitter. He wanted me to make sure that I get "props" (yo) for coining that term.

So there ya go folks. A whole new term, courtesy of yours truly.

Pronunciation: shizz 'nit ter
Function: noun
Etymology: Urban term shiznit, Middle English knitten, from Old English cnyttan; akin to Old English cnotta knot.
Definition: One who knits, and who is also awesome.
Used in a sentence: Nicole is such a shiz-knitter.

In Preparation for Tomorrow

Anne and I generally exchange details of our lives, sarcasms, and inside jokes every work day (Monday through Friday). If one of us has not heard from the other by around 10:30 AM, it is cause for small spread panic between us in most cases. Although I don't actually speak with Anne over the phone very often (WHY IS THAT??? Oh wait. I remember that cell phone bill!!!), she is the person I communicate with the most during the day. We did, at one point, attempt to converse over text messages, but that in itself is a whole other story.

So, today, I brainstormed ways to make sure that the people who are coming to the first meet-up know that I am the one they should be looking for.

I write this to Anne: "I was thinking of making a hat that has my name on it so I could wear it tomorrow so people who don't know who I am (everyone but you) would be able to spot me. What do you think?"

Anne replies: "if you want to wear a hat with your name on it, go ahead. but i think the yarn and knitting needles will give away who you are."

Yes, yes... Anne is my source of everyday common sense. But needless to say, I'm still making that damn hat.

Monday, February 16, 2004

Yeah, so maybe I'm a bit scattered.

I just got around to reading the Winter 2003/2004 Issue of Vogue Knitting. Had I known that the magazine was going to inspire me in such a way, I would not have picked it up until everything I should be completing has been finished. Oops. You know that Oscar de la Renta cable stitch pattern? (Yeah, I know its not totally original or anything, but SHHHH! It still sparked my imagination.) Well, its my new favorite thing to knit, and I started another (!!!) project at 10 PM on Valentine's Day. I've got three inches of it completed so far, and its coming along nicely. I'm designing it after this green bobble off-center cardigan with closure flaps on the turtleneck and waist that I saw in a Victoria's Secret catalog over the winter. Its pretty damn cool (well, at least I think so) and I'm going to be working on it during Thursday's meet-up.

And yes. I know. Pictures. Post 'em. No kidding. I will. Eventually. Soon. Because I know how boring a knitting blog is without pictures to look at, regardless of the other content.

Friday, February 13, 2004

Morris-Warren NJ SnB First Meet-Up!!!

Who: The Morris-Warren NJ Chapter of Stitch 'n Bitch
What: The First Official Meet-Up
When: Thursday, February 19th from 7 PM to ???
Where: Denville, NJ
Why: Because we want to!

Pass this information on to anyone who is interested, and have them
sign up on the Yahoo Group site:

Everyone is invited!

Please respond in the messageboard, or email me at brex2k3[at]yahoo[dot]com,
by Thursday, February 20th at Noon so I can make the necessary
arrangements with the manager (they will be setting space aside for
us in the non-smoking section).

All knitters interested in meeting with our group each week should sign up on our Yahoo Group by clicking here.

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

The Morris-Warren County NJ Stitch 'n Bitch, V2.0

The Morris-Warren County NJ Stitch 'n Bitch is being relocated to Yahoo Groups for a multitude of reasons. Yahoo is free to use, has better features, and is not "down" nearly as often as ezboard is.

Here's the link: Version 2.0

Update your favorites and pass the word along.

We will be having our first meet-up very soon.

Not exactly knitting related, but, well... Perhaps it is.

Best Graphics Ever.
*Use them if you'd like, but save them, then upload them to your own webspace first.

And as a knitting side note, I added beads to the wrap, then made a matching hat. Go me.

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Its a wrap!

I have been so full of puns lately that its embarressing. Everything from "I was in STITCHES" to "tight knit group" to "its a wrap" to "the skein of my teeth". I should really be banned from speaking -- and thinking out loud!

Okie dokie. So, I finished the body portion of the wrap, and it measures about 90 inches long (!!!) and about 32 inches wide. I realize that it is a little large for a wrap, but whatever. I'm just going to call it my "extreme wrap". Originaly, my plan was to incorporate i-cords as the fringe coming off the wrap, and I started doing that and discovered that I totally don't like it. Thank God for that too, because I would be here for six years (even though i-cords don't take long to make) if I continued with the plan. Now I'm just doing regular old fringe and I'm going to be adding the beading to the sides, borders, and yarn overs later. The term "later" obviously means as soon as possible since I don't want to be working on this the night before Valentines Day. IN FACT... My plan right now is to have this finished tonight so that I can make a matching hat to go with it.

Once this gets finished though, its back to the sage green sweater.

And yeah, I know. There are still no pictures of my work online. I'll get to that as soon as I take a break from actually knitting.

Sunday, February 08, 2004

TGI..Satur... Sunday.

Alright, so I didn't upload those pictures yet. Sue me! Its the weekend. These things happen. Its a little embarressing knowing that my blatent laziness for not doing this is being broadcast all over the web now by whoever reads this, but... oh well. I've been really busy knitting! I promise. That should at least count for something. Today I reached the halfway mark of the Valentines Day Wrap. It measures a whopping 42 inches now from the beginning to the center point. I really shouldn't even be online right now because I need to get the main portion of the wrap completed so I can add fringe and beading, but I'm looking at rings online instead.

Also, tonight, two more people expressed interest in joining the Morris-Warren NJ SnB!!! This is SO EXCITING!!! I'm so glad I signed online to check out rings otherwise I wouldn't have even acknowledged the two gals until MONDAY, and that would have just been rude... I guess I should make it known to people that I rarely sign online on the weekends? I dunno. But anyway, one of the gals lives up around my neck of the woods, so I'm really excited about that. Hopefully, now that there are more people interested in the group, it will start moving along a little more smoothly. For a while there, I started to feel as though I was posting and responding to myself, lol.

On a side note, I'm starting to think of ways to incorporate my knitting into the wedding that I will eventually be having. I've pretty much ruled out knitting a dress for myself. I'm pretty insane, but not THAT insane. However, tonight, there I was, having a blast knitting up my wrap and looking forward to knitting up the teal one almost as soon as I am finished with this one. And that's when it hit me. I'm going to knit myself a wrap -- out of some alpaca/silk blend yarn this time, not acrylic -- for the wedding. And... Da da dum. I'm also going to knit myself the bag that I will carry on that day too. I figure, if I can't make the dress, I can at least make the accessories. Its funny how this is probably the obvious decision for any sane person, but for me, it took a LONG time to get to this point in my thinking. For instance, I went from wanting to make my own wedding cake, to just baking the cucidati to serve with the coffee/tea, to finally just realizing that perhaps if I just include one of my recipes or something like that in the wedding favors that I would be saving myself a lot of time, effort and stress that can be directed towards other matters of the occassion.

You know, it would be REALLLY nice to be able to say, "Please come to my wedding. I have done all the catering from the wine to the five course meals to the cake and cookies, and I've also designed and fabricated the entire bridal party's attire as well as my gown. RSVP by blah blah blah," without people automatically institutionalizing me.

Okay, I'm signing offline now. I have a lot of knitting to do (42 inches in body, many i-cords, and beading) and this whole online thing has served as a tool of procrastination long enough. :)

But one last thing... If you haven't seen the movie Avalon yet, please rent it. Its so amazing.

Oh. And another last thing. Mike and I decided to check out the Clinton Station Diner for dinner tonight (since we have already tested out their breakfast selection) and the wait for a table was AN HOUR AND A HALF. WTF??????????????

Thursday, February 05, 2004

Small Update

Project Update:

I completed A LOT of my replica of the Vogue Knitting Holiday Knits 2k3 Wrap. It looks pretty and it will look even better when I add the beading. I decided to "cheat" a little with the beading. Originally, I wanted to knit with beads (bead knitting? i.e., string beads onto the yarn first and then knit, etc) but I'm lazy. Sue me.

I also am about 10 rows short of finishing the back of my sage green sweater.

I re-located a minty green sweater that I got from Target years ago. Unfortunately, the sweater shrunk a bit years ago so I'm going to frog it. Its a lambswool/angora/nylon blend and I'm excited to make something (anything) out of it. This will be the first recycled sweater project that I will do.

I came up with a few ideas to make a bag out of some of the Lions Brand Wool Ease Thick and Quick (in white? cream? aran? whatever) that I have. Originally, I was going to make a sweater out of it, then I discovered that I don't like wearing bulky knits because they add mass to places I'd rather not add mass to on my body. Then, I was going to do a pretty poncho. I started it, then stopped. Then I knit one similar to the red one I made, but on the wrong sized needles. Needless to say, I plan on frogging that one. Eventually, after I finished scowling at the yarn, I thought I would knit a wrap out of it. However, the chances of me wearing such a heavy wrap on a wrap weather day are pretty slim. Today, I decided I would make a bag that is somewhat similiar to the bags that the gap has in their stores right now. No pattern for this yet, just a thought.

I'm pretty sure I worked on a few more pieces and ideas, but I'm a bit tired right now and I can't recall anything other than what's already mentioned.

Picture Update:
This evening, I took approximately 40 (!!!) pictures of pieces I have either on needles, or pieces I have completed that I have not given away as gifts.

When I browsed back through some of the pictures that were still on the digicam, I uncovered pictures of Anne knitting (whoo hoo), as well as some gifts I made for a baby (teddy bears and a blanket). How exciting! At least, for me anyway. I was planning on updating this thing with the pictures, but the software for the digicam is on the computer, and I'm on the laptop because Mike is using the computer to do our taxes. There will be pictures on here tomorrow. No joke. :)

Mouse Update
"F that rodent."

Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Its 4 AM. Do you know where your hand-eye coordination is?

Well, I sure as hell don't know where mine is. I fear this two inch beast that taunts me from my kitchen, so I don't want to go to sleep until Mike gets back at 6 AM from doing some crazy change control for work. Stupid mouse. Anyway, I figured I would do a small update on the progress of my WIPs.

The wrap that is my version of Vogue Knitting's wrap from Holiday Knits 2k3 is about 13 inches long.

The sage green sweater back is 12 inches long.

I started, frogged, started, then frogged the teal wrap because I've been playing around with needle sizes. Had I not been so indecisive, this wrap would also measure a cool 9 inches.

No progress was made on the other fifty gazillion projects that I have hanging out on needles.

You know, its always so impressive to me when I hear that a fellow knitter is working on only one thing at a time. That's just so foreign to me and requires a certain degree of self control that I seem to lack. In all honesty, I don't believe that I am the kind of knitter that just wants to get things completed. I just like working on things. I know, I know -- who doesn't love finished projects? I don't. The sense of completion is not a cause for celebration for me. I find that I get way more enjoyment and a better sense of accomplishment out of having something on the needles at all times, even if it never gets finished, as long as I am working on it.

Maybe I'm a little odd, or maybe its the fact that it is a quarter to 5 in the morning.

Sidenote: Started taking pictures tonight; Feared that my lack of sleep would cause me to unintentionally pull a piece off its needle and decided to stop. Pictures of my work will happen soon enough (tomorrow maybe?), so enjoy a couple pictures of Corny. The second one is my absolute favorite. He is kissing the camera as I took the picture. Awwwww.

02.01.03 (12) CornySeq1 little

02.13.03 Corny 4 Kisses little

Monday, February 02, 2004


I can get comments now thanks to HaloScan.

This is almost like a REAL blog now! Oh joy. :)

Oh, and by the way -- that whole mouse thing, its still going on.

You would think that having three cats would be a sure fire cure to this problem, but nooooooooooo! *sigh* Alas, they are more interested in the food used to lure the mouse into the humane traps than the actual mouse itself.


Well, after careful planning and calculation, I have determined that I do not have quite enough of the teal yarn to make the cardigan that I was going to start. I do, however, have more than enough of the same kind of yarn -- but in sage green. Sooooo... I started the sage green cardie (my pattern) last night and I already have 10 inches of the back completed on size US 6 needles. I would have had more done, but the Superbowl was on, plus Mike and I discovered an uninvited guest in the house -- A MOUSE!!! Its cute. I want to keep it, but know better than to try to contain wild creatures. We are trying to remove it humanely from our home with humane mouse traps. Sidenote: Mice prefer pepperoni over cheese and peanut butter.

I decided that I will in fact plug on forward with the i-cord cardigan, but since I don't have enough yarn (i.e. not even enough for a standard knit cardigan), I will be using a few (huge) balls of Lion Brand Pound of Love instead.

Now, what to do with the teal yarn. I'm going to make a feather and fan stitch wrap out of it. I could always use another and I spotted some really nice glass beads at Michaels that would match it perfectly. :)

I think I'm going to start taking pictures of my work tonight... Expect updates!