Saturday, January 31, 2004

MD Scarf: Completed. New Project: Added

I have so many projects in my queue right now that it is ridiculous. Anyway, I finished Mike's scarf last night and he loves it. I love it too because although it was extremely simple to make, it looks so much nicer than the stripey mess that he had been wearing previously.

Right now, I am in the middle of working on an i-cord scarf for myself in all different shades and textures of blue yarn to match the blue suede coat that I have. I'm about half finished with it already and it has inspired me to create something else out of this really beautiful deep teal yarn that I picked up the other day.

So... With the teal yarn, I am going to be making a cardican completely out of i-cords. I'm really excited about this and I'm going to start it immediately after finishing the i-cord scarf. The i-cord frenzy that I seem to be in has also inspired me to frog the cat paw lace shawl that I finished last month so that I can make an i-cord shawl out of the yarn instead. THIS IS SO EXCITING! If the cardigan (and the shawl) come out the way I picture them in my head, I want to make a 3/4 duster out of some really fluffly black variegated yarn.

Notice how I keep adding more and more to the "to do" list? Yeah. Its amazing that I get anything completed. :)


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